As already mentioned, MAGIA2Market follows the first phase of the MAGIA project, the European Medtech Alliance dedicated to support SME Internationalisation, which ended on December 31, 2019.

The Alliance is proud of the first 2 years of intense collaboration. The partners have worked alongside with their SMEs’ ecosystems to search for the best tools and ways to go international in the very competitive environment of the medical technologies industry. The actions led during phase 1 were only the first steps in the construction of a long-term partnership and MAGIA brought many great partnerships across the oceans in particular in China and in the US.

Here is a nice throwback on the successes of the project which serve as a solid basis for the pursuit of the new MAGIA2Market objectives!

The Alliance opened new doors to China and the United States for SMEs by:

* Publishing two market studies:

* Signing 8 partnership agreements:

  • Medical Alley Association (Etats-Unis)
  • Beijing B&R International Co-Incubation (Chine)
  • Beijing Jishuitan Hospital (Chine)
  • China Association for Medical Devices Industry (Chine)
  • Professional Committee of Regenerative Medicine Technology Industry of China (Chine)
  • Shanghai Medical Instrument Trade Association (Chine)
  • Shulan Health Group (Chine)
  • Tsinghua University Institute of Internet Industry (Chine).

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