MAGIA signs a new joint collaboration agreement with China

MAGIA, the Medtech Alliance for Global InternationAlisation to market, announces it has joined forces with SCIMEA (Sichuan international medical exchange and promotion association, China) to offer new collaboration opportunities to MedTech SMEs.

This new collaboration agreement between the MAGIA partners and SCIMEA foresees mutual benefit and opportunities in the field of MedTech. The Memorandum aims at:

  • Being a multilateral goodwill agreement.
  • Establishing a general framework of further specific agreements.
  • Fostering agreements and joint developments programs between the companies of the MAGIA partners and those of SCIMEA.
  • Building a solid and long-lasting relationship for the benefit of each one’s regional enterprises.
  • Sharing knowledge about each one’s market in term of landing processes, barriers and opportunities.

With the establishment of this new strategic partnership, the MAGIA Alliance thus pursues its overall objective of strengthening the competitiveness of clusters’ SMEs in the Medtech sector in global markets beyond the EU. It opens new doors for its MedTech SMEs while reinforcing a solid foundation for collaboration with the Chinese ecosystem.


SCIMEA is an independent non-profit medical exchange and promotion association with over 5000 expert members in Southwest China and 40 special commitees in essential disciplines. It is the only medical association in southwest China chaired by the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a first-class comprehensive medical platform which aims to be social organization that promotes value transformation in the medical field as well as medical industrial development.
SCIMEA dedicates in becoming international medical exchange platform, medical information service platform, medical knowledge dissemination platform and boosting industrial development platform. It is the organizer of multiple medical conferences home and broad including Sino-Japan Advanced Medicine and New Drug R&D and Achievement Transformation Conference and West China-Mayo Clinic International Forum of Critical Care Medicine.

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